Ride to Wales- The Movement Centre Assessment

As outlined in the previous post, The Movement Centre is a specialist private physio facility that deal in Targeted Training (TT).mclogo

Having contacted The Movement Centre we found that as we were able to self-fund we were able to get a pretty quick assessment date.  The NHS in some areas are able to fund treatment- knowing the financial state of our NHS area we decided against requesting it knowing all it would really do is slow down Charlie’s assessment.

The Movement Centre is located in Oswestry- a border town, not really in Wales but we did have to drive into Cymru to get there (don’t forget your passport Lou…).  From where we live the drive took nearly 4 hours (with only 1 services stop- well done Charlie).  Fortunately the appointment was at 12.30pm so we set of at 8am, missing most of the rush hour traffic around Leeds and Manchester on our way on the M62.  It was a nice bright day and the scenery getting to the Centre was lovely- shame Charlie was slumped in his car seat engrossed in his Lego superheroes.

Charlie at TMCWe arrived just after 12 and expected to have to wait for our appointment but no sooner had we walked in Sarah, the specialist physio, greeted us and brought us straight through!  No time like the present!

We sat down in a huge specially designed therapy room with tonnes of equipment and a complete video analysis suite- unfortunately not for Charlie that day.  We met Lynne, another physio, who made us all drinks and played with Charlie whilst Sarah, Lou and myself discussed Charlie’s medical history and our aims for the Targeted Training.

We felt that one of Charlie’s issues is his seating- his postural scoliosis, or curved back means he struggles to ‘sit straight’ and particularly slumps in his car seat.  We hoped that the TT might help him improve his posture and, if he was more in control of his trunk, enable him to control his hips and legs better.

The history taking was very thorough and Sarah was obviously judging our level of expectation and ensuring we were being realistic.  Then Sarah and Lynne got down onto the mat and got a feel of Charlie and his movement and physical capability.

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Charlie was videoed doing allsorts of prone, kneeling and standing activities.  As he rolled over, clapped, reached and crawled his movements were analysed and assessed.  It was very low-intensity and Charlie happily and ably ‘showed-off his moves’.  A lot of the assessment looked at how Charlie reached and if/how his hips and back required support.

Sarah was able to show that Charlie was doing extremely well- particularly in regards to the level of damage to the movement areas of his brain.  She was actually quite surprised that from what they’d seen, he was quite weak around his upper lumbar region- to achieve what he has she commented on how determined Charlie must be!

Sarah did point out that Charlie’s hamstrings were still quite tight- about 50 degrees of flexion- she felt that that was a likely factor in Charlie’s curved posture- pulling his hips backward.  She hoped that as the Botox was in full effect our efforts at helping hamstring length would be important in maximising the effect of the TT.  She did see the potential for the TT use and felt that Charlie would certainly see some postural benefit.

The cost of the Movement Centre’s Targeted Training is considerable at £6k but where Charlie’s future is concerned we would like to consider it an investment- we wouldn’t have been able to do it without the sterling efforts of people fundraising for him- so again, THANK YOU.




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  1. Charlie is doing so well because you mark and Louise and grandma and grandad put lots of time and assurance in with Charlie
    You’re all a credit and well done Charlie keep it up !!!

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