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logoDan Woods is Charlie’s private physio. We are able to see Dan once a week at our own cost- it is well worth it. As Charlie’s NHS physio exposure is limited we felt it important to get someone else in to provide fresh ideas and patience into his care.

We have been seeing Dan for more than a year. In that time Charlie has developed many new skills; increased standing balance, better dynamic tone control and much more functional movement- even up to unaided stepping.

Dan always has a plan and a defined aim to a session, ideally with a noticeable progression within it (Charlie dependent…). He has shown us many tricks and activities that have engaged Charlie and kept him interested.  He has always been quick to reward as well- Charlie knows he’s earning a sticker and a certificate with enough stickers!

The fantastic thing for us is the progress Charlie is making; it makes the cost more than worthwhile (£60 an hour). Dan also has a very calm manner but is firm with his discipline and encourages Charlie with achievable aims and goals within a session. He also has the patience of a saint; Charlie is a 4 year old and at times is a stubborn little thing- Dan always seems to maintain his calm even when Lou and I are pulling our hair out.

OMG! Balancing!
OMG! Balancing!

Dan has a wealth of experience having worked at a number of highly regarded paediatric services and has good contact with consultants and representatives. For us it has been great to be able to call on Dan’s knowledge to help drive Charlie’s wider therapy- whether that is to encourage us or to temper our enthusiasm when required.

We did our ‘due diligence’ before selecting a private physio and Dan’s neuro-development background and ethos has mirrored our own ideals in Charlie’s therapy. He also had experience in Bobath therapy and had attended the London centre numerous times so was a great resource in deciding on our therapy trip. Dan even took up the opportunity to come down while we were there- how’s that for above and beyond…?

Picking the right help is vital for maximum effectiveness in Charlie’s therapy- we seemed to strike gold with Dan. Being confident in the expertise of a therapist is paramount but we also feel that Dan very much has Charlie’s best interests at heart. For us though Charlie has been the clincher- he never complains of his weekly visit and is even recognising the differences in his body and his confidence and independence is growing.

Initially Dan was working privately in addition to working within the NHS, both contracted and locuming. Now with his reputation blossoming he has taken PT KIDS into a full-time private venture and we hope to be able to benefit from his increased availability- particularly with another round of Botox lined up.

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words Mark. Charlie is such a pleasure. It’s been great to see his progress over the past 12 months with all his hard work (not to mention your & Lou’s). Here’s to more achievements in the future 🙂

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