Charlie’s Birthday

File 10-12-2015 18 37 52This year Charlie’s birthday was on a Tuesday so his party was on the Sunday before. With the weekend being Hallowe’en on the Saturday we attended a dressing-up party at the Village Hall- it was rammed with ghosts, ghouls, princesses, witches and monsters… and not few a skeletons.

The village is great for kids and there are a number of people within the Village Hall Committee that try to get the best possible use out of the facilities. They put on a fantastic party for the kids to scare each other in their Hallowe’en costumes, dance at a disco and play lots of spooky themed games. Charlie was in his element fishing for bats in jelly, scooping pumpkin and generally hellraising(!)

The hall was beautifully decorated and it was very fortunate for us that the decorations were left up as Charlie had his birthday party right there the very next day…

I’ve written before about the concern and worry we have had about Charlie being able to make friends or be accepted by his peers so I think when it comes to birthdays we tend to over-compensate a little, particularly Lou… However, 35 kids later, the party was underway!

Charlie and Billy BiscuitAs Charlie tends to struggle with activity based parties like at soft play centres or bouncy castles (where he needs our help to bounce- surely taking some of the fun out of it) so Lou had the idea of getting a children’s entertainer. It was an inspired choice; ‘Billy Biscuit’ was a super idea. He entertained the kids with magic and jokes for a full 45mins- I was surprised to see how the kids were mesmerised for so long. He even was getting the adults giggling along. He was very thorough before he arrived and was very conscious of Charlie’s disability and catered to that as well as the few autistic/sensory children in the group.

File 10-12-2015 18 39 18Charlie was very lucky to have lots of visitors bringing him lots of presents including a Storm Trooper uniform and Helmet. As it happened that afternoon, after his party, we went to Sci-Fest so he went in costume. We didn’t know but there was a Cos-Play event and Charlie was asked to go up on stage and complete for best costume- he won! Charlie loved being on stage and despite being a little quieter than usual managed to get the biggest cheer for the under 12s group!

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