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Since Charlie’s Challenge started we have been able to dramatically ramp up theCharlie amount of therapy we can provide Charlie in any given week.  Unfortunately it must be said that children with CP can often be limited by the amount of therapy available to them- this indirectly comes down to finance!  As the NHS is unable to provide the type and amount of therapy we feel is required for Charlie to enable him to progress and achieve some of his boundless potential, we have taken the decision to provide private therapy.  It is sad to think how many children with a therapy-reactive CP like spastic diplegia lack the opportunity and exposure to treatment that requires a high level of funding.

I would be very interested to see how F1 champion Lewis Hamilton’s brother Nicholas’ CP disability changed with his increased earning potential…?

We have been very fortunate to be able to utilise the goodwill and community spirit offered to us from family, friends and general well-wishers in fundraising.  This fundraising has directly impacted what we can provide Charlie and his physical ability has increased dramatically as a result!

Monday Little Imps Pre School (9-1)

Tuesday Little Imps Pre School (9-2)

Wednesday Little Imps Pre School (9-1)

Thursday Tiddlewinks Playgroup (9.30-11.30)  Aquatherapy (30mins)

Friday  Hippotherapy (30mins)

Saturday 2x 45 min sessions of ABM (every other week)

Sunday  2x 45 min sessions of ABM (every other week)

ALSO   1x 60 min PT Kids Private Physio

1x 45 min NHS Physio (every other week)

5x 15-20min Triking (on his bike but for therapeutic gain)

14-21x 30-45min ‘movements’, stretching and

Various appointments- wheelchair services, ophthalmology, orthotics etc…

Obviously this is in addition to the usual play-dates, picnics, literacy and play that any child would be exposed to- we do try to keep Charlie as involved as possible with his ‘mainstream’ friends and family in an effort to provide him with the usual child-like activities of his peers.

This is also fitted around both Lou (almost) and myself working full time and Lou’s shifts.  We are very fortunate to be able to also rely on Charlie’s grandma being a superstar and a willing chauffeur!

We are always very conscious of what we are spending on and how sometimes we struggle to answer ‘what are you fundraising for?’  As CP is a life-long condition any funds we have will allow for therapeutic intervention for as long as is necessary!  As you can see with the amount of therapy and its costs, in any given week we are spending more than £500 every month and this would not be sustainable without the help of Charlie’s Challenge and the funds it creates…

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