There has been a distinct lack of updates on the blog simply due to the number of hours in a day!

At present the fundraising we have been doing has taken a lot of our free time- organising events, cheekily begging for raffle prizes and/or donations is much more time-consuming than I had thought!

Any parent willingly takes on the commitment of rearing a child when they decided to propagate the species school; kids parties, endless activities, mess and discipline all absorb the precious minutes in the day.  With work (both Lou and myself work full-time), appointments, therapy and fundraising we have increasingly found ourselves becoming a little fraught and rough-around-the-edges.  Exhaustion is setting in!

Charlie’s Challenge has been a bit of a godsend… The ability to fund therapy has not only helped Charlie’s progress massively but it has taken the responsibility and strain of being the primary therapist away from us- let the physio bear Charlie’s frustration or lack of will (rarely) rather than us!  It has been really nice to step back from the all-consuming therapy and simply be Dad- our relationship has improved massively, Charlie hasn’t told me he doesn’t like me or to go away for ages! 

The help we have been provided in donations and items is massive but has been eclipsed by the williness of people to provide their time and effort; family, friends but even people we haven’t met!  We have had people actively taking responsibility for events, setting up carnivals and race nights to allow us some ‘wiggle-room’ to be parents.

I have always felt that my time is best spent directed at Charlie’s therapy but people have helped me see that it isn’t just therapy that he needs but everything else that a growing child needs- times, mess, fun and love!  We have been able to use some of our ‘free-time’ to actually do family things- theme parks, museums and alsorts. 

Selfishly, Charlie’s Challenge has also meant, on a rare occasion, that Lou and myself get some time together- without so much of the guilt as previously.  Charlie gets more therapy, more input and more quality simply as we are able to pay for it- don’t get me wrong, we’re definitely exhausted with private physio, NHS physio, my therapy, movement therapy, hippotherapy and aquatherapy to fit in around pre-school and hospital appointments.

Louise and myself would like to extend our grateful thanks to all those that have help and all those planning to, we literally couldn’t do it without you.

Charlie is thriving and as he becomes that little bit more independent a little of the worry we have as parents goes away.  Not only is Charlie’s Challenge investing in a little boy’s future it might just be saving the sanity of 2 tired old parents…


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