The Story So Far… Part 9 (Orthopaedics 1)

Shef Children's HospitalAs Charlie appeared to be getting nowhere fast with his walking (and general independent movement) he was referred by our physio and developmental paediatrician to Sheffield Children’s Hospital Orthopaedics Department.

He was 2 when he first met Mr Davies, the Consultant Paediatric Orthopaedic surgeon at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.  We did not have a clue what to expect- to say we were a little nervous would be an understatement.  Our appointment was a 9am so we had decided to stay over to ‘beat the traffic’, that and I’m sure we knew we wouldn’t sleep the night before so better tired in Sheffield then driving to it!

Toy SpaceshipTo our surprise we had got Charlie to the Orthopaedic Dept in record time, we arrived at 8.30.  It was deserted apart from 1 open door, Mr Davies’.  He poked his head out and without any hesitation ushered us in.  Within moments he had fully gained Charlie’s trust and attention and amazed him with a spaceship- Mr Davies had a new friend.  After a thorough poke and stretch Mr Davies appeared satisfied with Charlie’s ROM (range of motion) and commented and commended us on the relatively supple nature of Charlie’s hip, knee and ankle- he told us he expected worse from the referral letter and told us it must have been down to our hard work- Mr Davies had 2 more new friends…

Before his announcing his findings he suggested Charlie have an X-Ray of his hips, something he had never had before.

We tootled down the corridor with a little green card and waited no longer than 10mins for the Radiographer to call us through and quick put Charlie through his paces.  Within minutes we headed back to the Orthopaedic Dept and no sooner had we sat down we were called through by Mr Davies’ attending nurse (who had now arrived).  Charlie quite enjoyed his X-Ray, he has know since then that under our skin is a skeleton, clever lad.

Whilst Charlie played with the Spaceship, Mr Davies discussed his findings.  Despite the relatively severe nature of Charlie’s brain damage he was pleased with what he had seen.  We initially had felt that Botox would be the way forward at this point but Mr Davies disagreed- he felt Charlie was progressing well and he felt we should ‘keep our powder dry’ and delay Botox for another 6 months.

Oh, Charlie also made another new friend, Pudsey Bear
Oh, Charlie also made another new friend, Pudsey Bear

We left the Hospital at 9.05- 5 mins after our appointment was meant to start (that wouldn’t happen again…) but we left with a new feeling, hope.  We had been told in no uncertain terms that what we had been doing was helping Charlie immensely and that despite the difficult physical and emotional nature of the painful stretches.

The more we were putting in, the more Charlie was getting out.



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