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Mummy, Daddy and a mardy Charlie
Mummy, Daddy and a mardy Charlie

My name is Mark, I am Charlie’s dad. I’d like to tell you our story; chiefly for purely selfish cathartic, therapeutic reasons but hopefully as one you can identify with and maybe even take something from.

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First, my background, I am a degree educated Exercise Scientist working post-graduately as an Audiologist. I deal with hearing; but a large portion of my working life is with a paediatric population, with all kinds of children including those with disabilities, syndromes and challenges.

Charlie, my son, is a 3 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy (CP), specifically spastic diplegic CP which means all his limbs, but especially his legs are affected with spasticity due to brain damage. He is unable to walk unaided as a result. Spasticity is Charlie’s big problem- a bit like cramp it constantly pulls his muscles tight, he is unable to ‘relax’ them which can be painful and also very tiring. To help overcome Charlie’s spasticity he undergoes daily rigorous physiotherapy (performed chiefly by ourselves) and takes medication (oral baclofen).


The idea of this blog is to help look at our journey- to critique its path so that maybe even just one person can benefit from our mistakes but especially our achievements. I would like to point out things we have found helpful, frustrations we have banged our heads against and the acknowledgement of ‘inchstones’ rather than milestones.

As we are fundraising and you would like to help, please visit Charlie’s Challenge

I will try to post pictures and videos, reviews and musings.

Welcome along….

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